Emmanuel Gonzales

Emmanuel Gonzales has had a strong presence in the South Florida art scene since his graduation from Palm Beach Atlantic College in 2001. He has a bold and edgy style fusing together collage, pencil, pastel, watercolor, and oils to create movement and energy. The resulting pieces are a balance of strong imagery and intimacy, achieved with an attention to subtleties often refined through detailed work. His body of art explores the past and present through realism and portraiture, and includes a growing retrospective of American icons where each piece is presented as a fragment in a larger American patchwork.


From the artist:

"Individually, my subjects characterize the social climate at a given moment in history; the images are influential and relevant to certain ethnic or social groups. Some are intentionally foreign to non-members of a particular group or generation, creating a 'recognition factor' which reaffirms the identity and unique cultural perspective of one part of society while simultaneously establishing a feeling of “otherness” in viewers on the outside. Just as members of one social circle might identify emotionally with a particular image through a shared social lens, outsiders will experience these images differently. Ideally, then, my work will create a juxtaposition of the viewer’s identity with the identity of others and will encourage them to consider their place as an individual part of a larger whole."